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Gateway plugin - remote services

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I have a question regarding Citrix gateway plugin - if I want to do remote management of clients using the gateway plugin, is this possible. IE sourcing out of my corporate network to clients?  It seems most documentation only references connections sources FROM the client, not sourced out of the corporate network TO the client.  Thanks for any insight on this, appreciate it!


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17 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

If you configure Intranet IP addresses (i.e. IP Pool), then you can connect to your VPN clients.

Interesting, Intranet IP/IP Pool is in use, however, I seem to have issues where sometimes I can access remote listening services and other times not.  I seem to always be able to connect to the port with a simple telnet test, so seem the host is listening but then I can not get the actual service to connect, like remote desktop on TCP 3389.

Not sure if you know but how are the 'listening' ports mapped out over the machine via the gateway plugin?  I can see the relationship in netstat between the Intranet IP/TCP port and then the local LAN connection/TCP port to the Netscaler for open connections from various application, with the later connection having a port number incremented by 1.  However I don't see this relationship with those listening ports, so how does the Netscaler source traffic back to the client?  Do you have any idea?  I am need to open a ticket for further investigation....  thanks in any case!

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