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Multiple system tray icons in CWA 2002

Nick Panaccio


Anyone else notice that CWA 2002 (and 1912 LTSR) adds a second icon to the system tray when you connect to a published application or desktop? It looks as though this is actually SelfService.exe being launched, which still happens even if you use the SELFSERVICEMODE=False install switch. The other odd thing about it is that it doesn't appear to be consistent. On one of my machines, I never see that second icon, yet on others, it'll show up once you launch a Citrix app.


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1 minute ago, Chris Flick said:

Is this fix coming to 1912 LTSR workspace app anytime soon?

It was fixed in 2006/2006.1, but you'll probably want to create a ticket for the issue in 1912 LTSR. I imagine that they'll include it in the next CU for that build. If it helps, you can reference the following:


An extra Workspace app for Windows icon might appear in the notification area. [RFWIN-17499]

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