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Remote PC Access fails to connect via NS gateway (DMZ based facing Internet)

Terry Dowdie


I currently access all other published applications without any issue, and I see the remote pc machine which appears in the desktop tab and it appears to be launching. It then times out with unknown client error. The NS sits in a dmz which faces the internet. I have confirmed that the firewall rule allows ports 1494 and 2598 (TCP/UDP) between the NS in the dmz and the farms. I can also access the remote pc access via storefront directly. The firewall logs show traffic as being allowed but I still cannot access from an external source via the NS appliance. 


The ADC version I am running is NS12.1 55.18.nc and the farm runs 7.15 LTSR. The device being connected two is running windows 10. It has the VDA installed "VDAWorkstationCoreSetup_2003.exe" and not the full version. The product version is I also run netstat command and don't see 1494 or 2598 in the list of listening services. The install of the VDA for remote pc access notifies that it can update the local firewall which I allow the install to do and I see the requisite settings in the inbound rules of the firewall.


Not sure where to go now as this remote pc access is not working and everything required appears to be in place. I should confirm that we run Xenapp only despite title of product.

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