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Powershell Get-BrokerSession no longer returns Unregistered VDA sessions

David Rosenthal




Working with XenDesktop 7.15 I was able to list sessions on unregistered VDAs using the powershell command:

Get-BrokerSession  -RegistrationState Unregistered  -MachineSummaryState Unregistered


Now using version 1912, Sessions of unregistered VDAs are not returned.  If I take a Server that has sessions, and stop the  Citrix Desktop Service, the sessions are no longer returned.  Here's the really weird part.  If I start the service, before the VDA is registered:

Get-BrokerSession  -RegistrationState Unregistered  -MachineSummaryState Unregistered

does return the sessions.


Citrix Director shows me the sessions though, so it must be possible.


We have a script that informs us about user sessions that are destined to cause problems.  How can I achieve this again in 1912?



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Not paying attention...
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To make things more interesting:

Get-BrokerMachine AND Get-BrokerDesktop stop displaying AssociatedUser* as soon as the  Citrix Desktop Service is stopped.  When you start the service again, the associated users reappear.


This has to be a bug...



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Found that Get-BrokerDesktop has the same problem
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