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Failed to update Machine Catalog

ding tong


 I'm updating the machine catalog with a new image  It's stuck copying the primary image   I'm sure I have VDA installed, I have also Tested the Connection and no errors where found. only one warning stating that I should use https instead of http.

 It took nearly 12 hours to report an error :

System.InvalidOperationException: Consolidate disk failed, message Failed to copy disk. Reason : CANNOT_CONTACT_HOST : OpaqueRef:006a665f-94e6-86de-31d8-7c9e25f6df9d
Citrix.MachineCreation.NewProvisioningSchemeSupport.NewProvisioningSchemeLogic.HandleImageConsolidatedInvoked(IImageReplicatingWorkflow context, ImageConsolidatedEventArgs e)
 Citrix.MachineCreation.NewProvisioningSchemeSupport.ImageConsolidationActivity.HandleImageConsolidatedInvoked(Object sender, ExternalDataEventArgs e)
  System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity.RaiseGenericEvent[T](DependencyProperty dependencyEvent, Object sender, T e)
 System.Workflow.Activities.HandleExternalEventActivity.RaiseEvent(Object[] args)
System.Workflow.Activities.HandleExternalEventActivity.Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)
System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutorOperation.Run(IWorkflowCoreRuntime workflowCoreRuntime)

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That error message, to me, indicates a problem with the hosting or storage, rather than the Citrix/MCS side of it.    I've had similar myself in the past, just running the update catalog process again and it runs through fine.   Later investigation revealed the vCenter server had locked up.  Someone else had noticed the same and restarted it, so it looked fine when I checked initially but the jobs that MCS was running to update the machine catalogs had broken leaving some ugly error messages and a failed update process.


First thing to do is to make sure your hosting is working fine, then (if they still exist), delete the temp machines created in the hosting (XD_Temp_xxxxx) and/or the other one it creates (which takes the name of the machine catalog) and just try again.

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On 2020/4/20 at PM5点38分, Michael Burnstead1709159565 said:

对我来说,该错误消息表明托管或存储存在问题,而不是Citrix / MCS方面。我过去也有类似的经历,只是再次运行更新目录过程,并且运行得很好。后来的调查显示,vCenter服务器已锁定。有人注意到了该问题,然后将其重新启动,因此当我最初进行检查时,它看起来还不错,但是MCS正在运行的用于更新计算机目录的作业已损坏,留下了一些难看的错误消息和失败的更新过程。


首先要做的就是确保您的托管服务器正常运行,然后(如果它们仍然存在),删除在托管服务器中创建的临时计算机(XD_Temp_xxxxx)和/或它创建的另一台临时计算机(使用计算机目录的名称) ),然后重试。

  Thank you for your reply 

I've found the cause of the problem because one of the servers in the server pool has lost its connection to shared storage. After fixing the storage, the problem was resolved 

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