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ADFS Proxy Profile problem on VPX

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Hi,  I'm not an expert with Citrix ADC, but I have a problem and I dont' know how I can solve it.


I use the last version of VPX to use the new feature ADFS Proxy Profile to support the Extranet Smart Lockout of my ADFS 2019 servers.


I have created the ADFS Proxy Profile and the trust staus is Etablished and Configured.


The problem if when I logon from external source, rather than seeing the Forms Base Authentication of my ADFS 2019 (the new ADFS 2019 Theme centered), I see a little simple html page in upper left.  I have 2 simple box for username and password and if I enter my information, the login was succsessfull.


I don't kown why I can't see the ADFS 2019 forms base!


The others problem is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on other url of my ADFS.  I have enable the IDP Initiated Signon Page to test logon and I can use it without problem from internal source, but from external source, I receive the error : ERR-CONNECTION_RESET.  I have the same error when I try the Federation Metadata URL.


I have attached the simple login page result!


Thank you,




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On 9/22/2020 at 8:11 AM, Charlie Ting said:

I already have ADFS proxy setup with AAA as preauthentication working in production with internal ADFS farm. Do you mind send me the steps how you configure Netscaler for the extranet lockout thing? Citrix's article instruction seems vague to me.




Do you happen to have an example config you could share with me? I have had a lot of trouble getting this working and Citrix support had not been able to figure out why it's not working either

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