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Content Switching - Print Issue?

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Hello, I need some assistance with a issue I am running into while using Content Switching.

My application is setup for a single policy using CS - HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).CONTAINS("dlan.frederickcountymd.gov"). The application works fine until I get to a certain point and the user tries to print to a .pdf within the app - Secure Connection Failed – PR_Connection_Reset_Error. 


We have tried this in different browsers and can still recreate the issue even with security settings turned out and made the app a trusted site. WAF is disabled and we are seeing no blocks/drops on the firewall side.


Any suggestions?



SSL Parameters.PNG

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You probably have content that falls outside the content switching rules.

I would create a default cs vserver destination that you can then set up policies to help you with additional logging like a responder or rewrite who's sole purpose is to do syslog actions about your url paths, so you can see what is spilling over to the default target and then adjust your cs rules appropriately.  A nstrace would be useful as well.


Or use a header viewer when viewing the website directly (not via cs vserver) and see what the total requests it makes consists of when you print as it is either doing something not handled by your vserver of ourtside the scope of your policy.

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