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Citrix Workspace issue with 3 Monitors on Mac Mojave

Andrea Sorrentino


I am using Citrix Workspace App 2002.0.5 on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.4 to connect to my workstation at work (UBS)

I can run the app successfully in full screen mode when using two monitors. However if I add a third monitor I hit a bug when I try to make workspace app full screen, observing the symptoms below:

- Workspace takes over the three screens, but all the windows are on the leftmost screen,  the two screens on the right are black. 

- The pointer seems to be displaced, windows react to it as if it was a few inches on the left in respect to where the it is displayed.



This happens even if I try to make workspace app full screen on one or two monitors only. The physical presence of the third monitor seems to be the problem.

If I manually stretch the app manually over the three monitors then it behaves as expected, the problem is observed only in full screen mode.

On the Mac the option Displays have separate Spaces is un-checked in Mission Control settings.

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I have a similar issue with three monitors, running macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and Workspace  I'm trying to use two of these monitors to full-screen my XenDesktop session and keep the third monitor free for local email, browsing, etc. but I can't seem to achieve this.  I only have the following two options:

- Leave 'Displays have separate Spaces' enabled in Mission Control, which only allows me to make my XenDesktop session full screen on one monitor at a time.

- Disable 'Displays have separate Spaces' and full screen the XenDesktop session to all three screens (which doesn't scale properly because my third screen is of a different resolution).


I would like to full screen the Xen session on only two of my monitors, but I don't seem to have the ability on the Mac.  I've tested this exact scenario on a Windows PC (also running the latest version of Workspace) with the same monitors and it works just fine.  I can launch the Xen Desktop in window mode, manually resize it to span across the two monitors I want then click the full screen button.  This does't work on the Mac, no matter which monitors the window is spanned over, clicking full screen maximizes across all three.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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