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Possible to use Gateway vserver FQDN to login Citrix Cloud hosted storefront

Eddie Santana

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Currently we are using the Netscaler Gateway (not service) to authenticate users the access Citrix Cloud (xxxxx.cloud.com) . However we had to create a public FQDN on the Netscaler as part of that implementation.  

If users go directly to that Netscaler Gateway FQDN and authenticate, it doesn't take them anywhere. "Try again" blah.


Is it possible to have users authenticate/redirected into Citrix Cloud if users use the Netscaler's Gateway's FQDN?


The idea is that regardless which URL they go to (Citrix Cloud or Netscaler Gateway), the authentication will land them into the Citrix Cloud Storefront.  


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Sounds like what you're asking for is to access Citrix Cloud, but authenticate at your on-prem gateway.


To do this, you need to connect your authentication gateway to Citrix Cloud in Identity and Access Management and then select Citrix Gateway as your authentication method within the Workspace Configuration. When users then connect to your Cloud Workspace URL, they will be forwarded to your on-prem authentication gateway. Once authenticated, they will be redirected back to Cloud for the Workspace Experience (watered down Storefront)

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