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Management Network Interruption

Joshua Holmes


We have an ever growing and somewhat disorganized OOB/Management network.  On my list is to revamp finally specially as we’re about to expand again.  All hosts and storage arrays are on this network only using dedicated management 1GBe ports on each server.  


We have most of the new network gear here and programmed with same management DHCP and IP to Mac reservations etc ready to swap.


We know once we down that current switch to replace it with the new the management network interfaces will have to re-request IP but we’re unsure if there’s any functions in Xen that will fail with an interruption in management? 

We have two pools.

Any thoughts or considerations?

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As a follow up, after talking with others who run XenServer on a larger scale, basically the answer is that it's not a problem provided:


(a) some storage vendors might be using OOB/management network to heartbeat etc and this can cause problems.  In our case we have interconnects directory between controllers and boxes.


(b) if you have HA turned on there's a "self-fencing" feature that will detect host heartbeat is gone and TURN HOSTS OFF... So holy crap for some people removing the management switch could be catastrophic.  We do not use HA so self-fencing doesn't appear to be an issue for us.  I'll update this ticket once we swap it out and report how well or not well it went 

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