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is it possible to hide/grey out print preview in Citrix Universal printer driver

Robert Mann


When using the Citrix printer driver when mapping back a client's printer, the user has the option to select print preview, even though we have the Citrix policy setup for Universal printing preview preference set to do not use print preview for auto-created or generic universal printers. if a user selects preferences for the printer, they still can use the print preview function.

We need to prevent user's from being able to use the print preview option  as this is a security issue for our company.  We have a  policy for the printer driver mapping and compatiblility setup to not map back any printer from the client's device if the driver used has *pdf* in the name.  If a user can map back a pdf print driver then they can save any document back to their personal device as a pdf ...which  we do not want . We also block the xps and one note print drivers. We  will map all other client printers. The issue is because we use the Citrix universal printer driver if the required drive is not available, then the client can use the print preview function to  select their local pdf printer object and now they can save the company data as a pdf locally .

Just want to know if there is a way to prevent this

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