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Using mulptiple 2FA authentication for a single URL

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We are in a scenario where we would like configure external access for our corporate users using 2 different 2FA providers, one being RSA (radius) and the other one being Citrix's Native OTP

What we expecting is users to be directed to initial logon page which requires LDAP authentication, AD group extraction to take place which determines which further authentication page is presented to the user dependant on their Group membership. Has anybody done this as there seems nothing in  Citrix's documentation which covers this scenario. I have read quite lot of their documents which cover the initial LDAP (single factor) and then group membership extraction to present to a single 2FA authentication but not choice of 2FA, any assistance provided will be greatly appreciated

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You typically handle group extraction first, there are a few examples out there



as per usual, Carl has the encyclopedia maintained here: https://www.carlstalhood.com/nfactor-authentication-citrix-gateway-13/#sampleconfig



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In addition to the articles, James gave you, these may also help:

Here's an example of the group extraction occurring first (username prompt only without password processing), then you can group membership decides flow 1 (single factor) vs flow 2 (multi factor) in this example.   But you could modify it to do two factor A vs two factor B scenario.  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220793


This one isn't your scenario but shows a complex flow to modify username and submit to radius in a later stage, which might help if you need to do something more exotic in your policy flow:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX231525





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