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Delivery Group balancing not working

Marco Michalski


Hi all,


again we have a strange behavior. We have one ApplicationGroup (among others but this is by far the most frequent used). To this ApplicationGroup are three DeliveryGroups with the same priority associated.


Until this Tuesday the sessions were equally spread over all three DeliveryGroups but since then only one is used. If I activate Maintenance on this (only used) one the next is used. And if I activate maintenance in this too, the third one is used. So I guess it's no error in the accessibility of these groups. 


The only thing we did was implementing a reboot cycle each night (through Studio) and after the Tuesday cycle the "loadbalancing" was broken.


I already did some basic troubleshooting with Citrix Support. Load Evaluator seems good. I changed the Priority of all three (to have a "config change"). I deleted the reboot cycle but nothing helped.


Has anyone an idea why this could happen or at least a way to troubleshoot this and know why the other deliverygroups are not used (maybe a debug logging?


Thank you and best regards,


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