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Microsoft RDP through virtual desktop disconnects

John Francis1709160537


We have users who are connecting through Citrix Desktops and are connecting through RDP to a server in remote location. They need to have continuous connectivity for this as they are using this for some form of accounting work. Unfortunately, they get disconnected while they are working and if they do not save the work, they then have problems in redoing the work. Since, they are connected through ICA protocal and are connected to RDP from those desktops, anything that can be suggested? Is it a timeout issue on the other end as it is traversing across the WAN or is it due to some settings that on their side or network that could be causing the issue. Our network admin says that everything looks good on our end, they are saying it looks good on their end, so I am not sure what else should I check? 

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Could you please check the following settings and try to capture the event viewer logs when the connection disconnects.

  • If the virtual desktop has a firewall on it, the firewall might have to be configured to allow connections on the RDP port 3389.
  • Verify that the following registry key and value are correct in the virtual desktop’s registry. The path to RdpPlugIn.dll might differ depending on the virtual desktop installation location.[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\VirtualDesktopAgent\Protocols\RDP]"AssemblyFile"="C:\\Program Files\\Citrix\\Virtual Desktop Agent\\RdpPlugIn.dll"
  • The ability to connect through RDP is sensitive to the policy setting Allow logon through Terminal Services as it applies to the virtual desktop. For example, in gpedit.msc > Windows settings > Local policies > User rights assignment > Allow logon through terminal services.
  • Verify that the Web Interface site has Remote Desktop Connection selected when attempting connection; rather than Native client for example.
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