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Norskale Broker Service consumes 100% CPU - WEM 1912 LTSR Version

Detlev Koch


I have upgraded my WEM environment from 1811 to 1912 LTSR.

Now i have the problem that the Norskale Broker Service consumes 100% CPU


I habve installed a new Server an move the WEM Broker to this new installed Server and i have the same error.

Since the Server starts, after a few minutes the Norskale Broker Service consumes 100% CPU.


Server 2012 R2

WEM 1912.1.0.1

MS SQL Server 2014




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1 minute ago, Geert De Keyser1709161933 said:

Ever since we upgraded from WEM 1811 to WEM 1912 LTSR, the CPU usage of the norskale infrastructure service seems rather high. Not 100% but close to 1 of 4 cores => 25%. We do however expreience a much slower processing of applications. It takes about 1 minute before the Start Menu is completely rebuild.

Something is very wrong there - 1912 is lightening fast - are you load balancing and catering for the new port?

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No we did not load Balance the WEM. Single install.

I have now upgrade to the new Version 2003, but the same.

Soon after restart the Service 95% - 100% CPU Time


We will open a ticket after Easter on Tuesday.



The Service will start to Consume the CPU Time, when the Agents will connect and register to the Brokerservice. When more and more Agents connect to the Broker the service will Consume more and more CPU Time.



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No update.

We did not open a call, because i must roll back to the Version 1811.

The customer asked for it because otherwise he has too many problems with the clients. 

Since we have made the rollback, everything seems to work as expected.

But in this state I cannot open a support call.


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