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User Personalization Layer - Windows Firewall non-persistent

Alexander Spies


We updated our environment to LTSR1912 and since then are providing Windows 10 Enterprise (Build 1909) virtual desktops to our administrators, using UPL to make them persistent from the users perspective. We now ran into an issue, where it seems like the rules inside the Windows Defender Firewall are not persistent inside the User Layer after reboot. If you either add a rule using a Setup.exe or manually add a rule via administrative rights and reboot the VDA, the Firewall rule is gone after re-logon and re-mount of the User-Layer!

Microsoft GPOs don't seem to be an issue, since a gpupdate /force doesn't delete the manually added firewall rules! Logoff / reboot of the user from the User-Layer-VDA does that.

Does anyone else experience the same issue? This would be a major disadvantage for administrative users! Seems like this shouldn't go unnoticed in Citrix Labs before releasing User-Layer!


Best regards,


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Hi All,


is there no one else who uses UPL or has noticed these problems? We have the same problem and cannot find a solution.

Can anyone who use UPL confirm that "Windows Defender Firewall rules are saved in the UPL?"


Maybe somebody used the excpetions in the registry Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\unifltr   -   Key: AlwaysOnBoot  to solve this issue?


Thanks for any feedback!




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