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Alternative to Personal vDisk other than App Layering?

Cindy Vickers


We currently use Windows 7 Personal vDisks (Private Desktops) for a small number of users who have special software needs

The rest of our users logon to non-persistent shared servers (Shared Desktops) and golden image updates for both Private Desktops and Shared Desktops is managed through PVS

I would like to keep using Personal vDisk as it has worked perfectly well for us but it sounds like I am forced to use App Layering due to Personal vDisk being depreciated

We will be going to Windows 10 1809 and planning on going to 7.15 LTSR.  

At any time we only have around 10 users logging on to their Windows 7 Private Desktop (with Personal vDisk) so it seems like overkill for me to have to deploy App Layering

Just wondering if there are any alternatives.  The only one I can think of is to give each user their own persistent vDisk and manage Software deployments and Windows updates through SCCM.  

If I am best to go to App Layering does it work well in the latest CU for 7.15 or is it better to go to a CR version of Citrix?

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