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NetScaler - Loading your Apps

Keith Mutinda

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I am getting the attached error on the gateway with Https settings and not http. When I change the policies url from https to http I am able to get the to the environment and run hosted apps


1. No appflow settings

2. Environment works with http

3. STA's are up and running

4. No firewalls between storefront and gateway

5. Using self signed certs






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When you say HTTP vs https, do you mean the storefront url that gateway needs to talk to?

If the session policy points to http://storefront.domain.com/Citrix/<storeNameWeb> and it works but https://storefront.domain.com/Citrix/<StorenameWeb> doesn't work, then either you don't have certs properly bound on the storefront server(s) or storefront lb vserver, or the lb vserver is set up for http vs. https (SSL).


If its not the Storefront url but the sta urls, then the http vs https issue on the Virtual Delivery Controllers (aka XD controllers).


Can you specify which url you are changing from https to http, in this context?


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