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Changing users login screen from Netscaler - NS13.0 47.22.nc VPX ?

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I hope someone can assist with our issue.

Our user login page (web based) comes from our Netscalers.  we've customised some aspects of it.  Some of the changes disappear after the netscaler is rebooted.


Only the files changed in /netscaler/ns_gui/vpn/ folder vanish after a reboot.

Changes to the /var folder stay but we need the changes to happen on the ../vpn/index.html landing page.


What are we missing here ? is this the correct place to make changes ?


Thanks in advance

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To persist those changes after a reboot:

Copy (only) the modified source files from /netscaler/ns_gui/vpn/ to /var/vpn/vpn.

If you made any changes to any of the files in any subdirectory (e.g. js) create the directory in /var/vpn/vpn (if it doesn't already exist) and copy those as well.

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AS Sam said, the specific locations in /netscaler/ns_gui/<folder> (for gateway gui) have a specific "override" directory under /var/vpn/<folder> which will allow you to preserve those changes.  Legacy methods for customizing the vpn gui, the epa page, and the epa error messages would ahve been applied via these directories.


Just to give you some additional info:

Changes you make in RAM (under /netscaler) are in effect immediately without reboot; but won't be preserved though it will allow you to see your customizations now.

Changes you make under /var are not seen until AFTER the reboot, but are preserved and used to override the "default" look/feel in ram post reboot.


For certain gui changes, if you can do them through portal themes this is preferred as they are likely to be more portable/compatible with future upgrades (though every now and then we do have issues).  Changes you make directly via the vpn files might not be compatible with future upgrades.  (And should be included in your backup strategy just in case, you do need to re-apply or reengineer a similar change.)


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