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Different Session types

Andreas Vogelsang



At the moment many employees work from home and Citrix is used much more. We have noticed that the discconected sessions have doubled.
I must confess that I do not yet know exactly what the difference is between the following separation:
- concurrent sessions
- Connected Sessions
- Disconnected Sessions
- connected users

Greetings and stay healthy!

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A session can have multiple States.  A disconnected session is one where the client device has disconnected yet the user did not logoff.  Imagine a user with an iPad or similar tablet.  The tablet goes into an idle state and is no longer connected to the session.  Citrix will allow that session to linger in case the user attempts to reconnect and use the application.  You can define this linger period with Policies.  In Studio, you might see Active or Disconnected Session flagged as 'Application Not Running'.  In this scenario, the user likely closed the application but there is some process running that keeps Windows from terminating the session.  For instance in my environment, we have OneDrive opening when a user launches an application.  Users will often close the application but leave the OneDrive folder running and Windows will leave the session running.

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