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How to import SSL certificate into Netscaler

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Version 13.0

Using the NS, I created a RSA and a CSR file (to include the RSA key).

The CA I am using is GoDaddy and is for a wildcard SSL cert.

I have since downloaded ny bundle (based on Apache) which consisted of 3 files:_







There are lots of articles but I cannot seem to find the correct one I should use.


Really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.





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Use the GUI Import the certificate wizard. Or use the winscp to copy into  /nsconfig/ssl. 


Then use the CLI to install. 




add ssl certkey www.SerialNo.com -cer www.SerialNo.com.cer -key www.SerialNo.com.key -inform PEM -expiryMonitor ENABLED -notificationPeriod 60


Or use this 

add ssl certKey bundletest -cert bundle9.pem -key bundle9.pem -bundle yes


Link the certificate 



link ssl certkey <certKeyName> <linkCertKeyName>

show ssl certKey <certkeyName>






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