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NetScaler CPU stats for last 6 months

Abhijith KS

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I think you should consider fetching some report at Hypervisor (XenServer) level to achieve this as CPU core utilization will only be available there. Real time data can be checked under Monitoring and then CPU cores usage. Not sure if you can get historical report anywhere from appliance itself. 




You can also review usage on individual vpx (stat system cpu -detail) but that will only limited to it's boundary. 




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The reporting tab is a good place to start without having to look at past nslogs.  Reporting tab has a 1 year historical data and the System built-in report should help you see the last 1 day, 1 week, 1month, 1 year of cpu/memory without needing to integrate with ADM or other outside tools.  Adjust duration via the "duration" button; i think 1 day is default.


Start there to look at your utilization per vpx.

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