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Report on the utilisation of virtual servers

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Netscaler noob, I have searched the forum and I suspect this question will have been asked and answered previously but I was unable to find it so apologies - happy to take a link to a previous answer :)


We use a fraction of the capabilities of our MPX5550's; they are are exclusively used to create VIPs (load balanced virtual servers) for load balancing across multiple web servers in our estate.  We have many, many VIPs and it appears in the past it was standard practice to create on for http and one for https traffic.  I am now on a mission to rationalise the estate and configuration and the first step is to understand what is in use and what is not - with a view to removing all the unnecessary configurations.


There are many counters within reports and I have struggled to understand and pick the right ones so I am looking for advice on which counters I should use to establish the utilisation of the various LBVS we have.  Ideally I want to know which LBVS have been used (had traffic passed through them) in the past day/week/month).


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Hello, You can probably give a check to vserver hits under statistics tab. This can help you identifying if vserver are in use or receiving any traffic. 

From GUI, Go to Traffic Management \Load Balancing\Virtual Servers, Now select your VS and from top go to Statistics tab. 


If you rather want to make your life easy :6_smile: putty to your ADC node and run below commands.


1. To get list of vservers & their details

show lb vserver -summary -fullValues 


2. To display vserver statstics and sort them by number of hits

stat lb vserver -fullValues -sortBy hits


3. If you rather wish to review individual vservers use below

stat lb vserver XXX


where XXX is name of your vserver


I hope above information would be helpful for you. All the best !!




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