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Citrix Virtual Apps Standard Print queue on local printer getting stuck

Pat Smith


Just upgraded from 2008 R2 XenApp 6.5 where the problem started.  We are now using Citrix Virutal Apps and Desktop 7.1912 LTSR on a Server 2019 and the same issue below is happening.

I handle several Police Departments and setting up their cars with Citrix session in order to access their RMS system and being able to print tickets for warnings and infractions.  We use a Zebra ZQ520 label printer and ZDesigner ZQ520 (CPCL) driver.  The laptops in the cars are running Windows 10 Pro.  When an officer prints a ticket (either warning or infraction), it will print one time.  Then when another ticket is issued, the print job gets stuck in the local laptop's print queue.  I have monitored the jobs and when we print, I can see the job go to the Citrix Server print queue and then is deleted from the queue like it is supposed to.  It then is sent to the laptop's local print queue where it just sits there and does not print.  No error message.  After restarting the laptop once or maybe twice sometimes, it will then print.  Again, it prints fine the first time but the second time it gets stuck.


I have the same set up and Zebra printer and driver at several other PDs and all of them work like it should.  Just banging my head on why this is happening and cannot figure it out.  The policies i have set up is Auto-create client printers and set to the default printer only (Zebra ZQ520) and also the Default printer is set to Set default printer to the client's main printer.  I also have Printer driver mapping and compatibility set to ZDesigner ZQ520 (CPCL) replace with ZDesigner ZQ520 (CPCL) so it does not use the citrix universal print driver.


any help would be appreciated before I take drastic actions and rebuild the laptops from scratch.  thanks. 

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