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ICA session failing to establish for site to site VPN solution. Traffic getting dropped by winframe-tcp/1494.


We have a setup where our partner has established a site to site VPN connectivity to our network. We want our partner to connect to our VDI. The IPs have been natted for our storefront url and also for VDI subnet, ports are opened by the network team, all ports at partners end and 443,80,1494,2598 from our end. Partner is able to get the enumeration of the VDI on storefront page, but when trying to establish final ICA session it fails. The telnet also fails from partner to our VDI IPs for port 1494, even though network team has allowed them. 


The network team upon further investigation have found that the ICA traffic is going through firewall but traffic is getting dropped by winframe-tcp/1494 at VDI side.


Please note there is nothing configured for site to site VPN on netscaler for this solution but only storefront url load balanced at NS.


Please help with this issue.

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