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InUse High Memory

Roy Smith

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We have a VPX1000 cluster running v. Each cluster member is configured with 16GB RAM. Normally the InUse memory runs at about 20% or less. Then, after a week or so, we have problems accessing CS servers and then notice the InUse memory has gone up to 95% or higher. This happened today and to resolve it a reboot of both members is required. Before doing, that I noticed that the MEM_TBUF pools were very high:

MEM_TBUF         154618822620   10859053056(7.02%  82.90%)          0                0            0


And when I checked the TBUF_POOL Members, I see BM128 and BM256 are the ones using the memory


Name             CurAllocd            CurFree        PgAllocd     PgAllocFailed
BM16            21495152            262736           164 (2.6%)              0
BM32             2752428            113293            42 (0.7%)              0
BM64             2523059            107629            77 (1.2%)              0
BM128           39089838             37310          2386 (38.2%)             0
BM256           19494580             12697          2380 (38.1%)             0
BM512             380835            141216            93 (1.5%)              0
BM1024             49128             19309            24 (0.4%)              0
BM2048              3069              3066             3 (0.0%)              0
BM4096                 0                 0             0 (0.0%)              0
BM8192                 0                 0             0 (0.0%)              0
BM16384             1143               114             9 (0.1%)              0


I came across this support article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX217918 and this older forum post https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/394344-netscaler-vpx-125719-memory-leak/#comment-2005502 Both apply to older firmware versions but refer to issues with ciphers. As they relate to older versions, I assume these issues are fixed in so these do not apply. Or do they? Or could there be an issue with other ciphers?


What do BM128 and BM256 actually refer to?


Many thanks


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On 4/6/2020 at 6:43 PM, Roy Smith said:


What do BM128 and BM256 actually refer to?


This is the memory pool for the TCP buffer connection. Generally all the TCP connections will fall under this memory. 

I alwz assume as BM128 as 128kb not sure if this is correct :) 

However if you see there is a gradually increase in memory and if the memory is not getting release as soon as the connections are reducing then it would be a memory leak.

I would suggest you open an SR with Citrix which will eventually route through Dev/Engineering.




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