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Users that connect through Remote PC Access (VDA) and run published apps via Citrix Receiver in another farm and domain have problems with published application that uses credentials for access to data

Nick Hubert


We have a number of users on "Domain1" that run a published application using credentials of "Domain2" which resides in another office. 

The users are all on Windows 10 and have Citrix Receiver 4.09 LTSR installed on their PCs, and are connecting to an old XenApp farm via a Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG) to run the published application.

The application itself is actually an excel document with an API that takes the users credentials (of Domain2) to validate their subscription, and then feeds data into the excel sheet if they are authorized.

This all works 100% fine when the user logs on to their machine while they are sitting in front of it.


Due to recent events, we needed to deploy a way for the users to be able to logon to those PCs in their office - which are on Domain1 - and still run the same applications For the users to be able to connect to their published applications on Domain2, 


From scratch, we setup a new Citrix  Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1912 LTSR environment on Domain1.

We are installing the VDA on their Windows 10 desktop (on Domain1) and when connecting from home, users connect to a Citrix Gateway to access their published desktop/Remote PC.



Here comes the problem-

When the users logon to their Remote PC in the office (using credentials of Domain1) and then launch the published spreadsheet (using credentials of Domain2) the data that should be populating in the excel spreadsheet never populates. This is the same behavior we would see if someone who launched the spreadsheet had no permissions at all for the data. When the user physically logs back on to their PC while they are in front of it, they are able to launch the apps of Domain2 without any problem.

We have also noticed, if the user logs on via RDP they can also run the published app without a problem. The problem only exists when running the application via the VDA/Remote PC.


Are the credentials of the user that is logged into the VDA with Domain1 somehow getting passed on through its citrix session when it logs in and launches the app on Domain2 via citrix receiver? 

Is this expected? Is there any way to change it? 

Is there any problem or additional setup needed when running Citrix Receiver through a Remote PC Access/VDA session?


This problem has been baffling our team for 3 weeks and is a deal breaker with ordering more licenses to get users to work from home, any help is GREATLY appreciated!



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