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Unified Gateway Bookmark can not open DUO Authentication prompt / frame

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when opening a bookmark on unified gateway and the website then needs multi factor authentication, there should prompt the DUO authentication field/iframe, which pushes the authentication request to the DUO app on the smartphone.

It seems like the Netscaler blocks the DUO Security iframe.

Error message: "request to the server was blocked by an extension"


Has anyone an idea to get it running so, the authentication window/iframe will show up?







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The iframe is requested from a customer specific DUO website and every time a user connects to the iframe, the website redirects back to the link in the browser address bar with adding something for the iframe, so in this case it's not working because of the cvpn url.

You can analyse the website while clicking on the bookmark, where DUO iframe should appear and you will see the redirected url.


For the specific website we removed the gateway bookmark and made a new vserver so that it's no cvpn url anymore.



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