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A user has a problem to log on with MFA 2nd time to wont regonize the user crendetials

Matti Helenius

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I'm working with our end user to solve this problem when they register to our storefront and goes to "Don't have a token?" and register their username and gets the token for Microsoft Authenticator it works fine for the first time, and they get normally in and the token is shown on the Microsoft Authenticator normally. But when they are trying to 2nd time it wont recognize the user or the token anymore, but user can go around if they just register again and the email and adds account again to Authenticator.


This is really weird behavior and we would like to solve why first time when they register they get in normally but 2nd time always fails and user crendetials or token wont be recognized. 


Any ideas how to solve this issue? Any help would be hugely appreciated. 







Best Regards,



PS. Sorry! I don't know if its right forum for this question. Please move it to right place if possible!

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