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Http to Https redirection on netscaler on NOn standard port

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Hello Avinish,


Let me see if i understand correct, do you want to redirect from http://abc.com to https://abc.com:8200? Or the intent is just to change the protocol from http to https when hitting abc.com:8200 (SSL Bridge)? If second case, you wont be able to do so because when ADC is SSL_Bridge it doesn't have access to HTTP (L7) payload.


If option 1, just configure an HTTP VIP on port 80 and configure responder to redirect traffic to new URL

"https://abc.com:8200" + HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY





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In general, redirecting http:portX to https:portY would be the same as http to https redirects...however, you have a wrinkle here in that you want http:8200 being redirected to https:8200 and the problem is that we can't have two vservers on the same VIP:Port combination.  Regardless that you are changing protocols, the VIP:Port isn't changing.


You can redirect http:80 to https:8200, but not the same port.  (responder redirects can be done to ssl_bridge from an http vserver; but whether your vserver was SSL-based or SSL-bridge based, you won't be able to create the HTTP vserver on the VIP:PORT in this case as the HTTP vserver and SSL_bridge vserver are on the same ports.)



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