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Problem with SNMP Traps on ADC / ADM


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I have some problem to configure the SNMPv3 traps on ADC server to send to the ADM.


I have set the same user/group and password on both equipment. On the ADC I set on traps 2 configuration :

One Generic with the ADM server on destination, port 162, V3, Traffic domain 0

Second Specific with minimum severity at Info.

Both send traps of all partition.


But I have nothings on the ADM server. I started a nstrace on port 162, I have nothing too :(.


Have you some Idea ?


The problem is the same, when I go to ADM and I try to enable the SNMP on the ADC instance directly.



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Did you give a check at firewall level ? Port 162 should be enabled to send traps to SNMP server whereas 161 is needed to receive queries back to ADC.

You can try running a tcpdump to see if SNMP packets are reaching to destination on given ports. 


root@ns# nstcpdump.sh port 161

root@ns# nstcpdump.sh -X dst host XXXXX and port 162


XXXXX = IP of SNMP server


You can also check if SNMP server can directly poll to your ADCs so for that you have to add managers and community string first. 




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