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Clean install of VAD 2003 to Mirrored database, getting Citrix App Library errors and Director not working

Ken Z


Hi everyone


just built a clean test system for VAD 2003.

3 x SQL Server 2017 Standard running on Server 2019 fully patched (OS and SQL)

1 x Delivery Controller running on Server 2019 fully patched OS, configured to use Mirrored database

1 x StoreFront server running on Server 2019 fully patched OS

1 x Director server running on Server 2019 fully patched OS


Created a new Site on Delivery Controller with three Machine catalogs/delivery groups

Ran Site Test and all 237 tests passed successfully

On Primary SQL Server launched the Database Mirroring monitor and all three databases report green


BUT... Citrix Director reporting "Cannot retrieve the data. Data source unresponsive or reported an error. View Director server event logs... blah"

Event logs on Director report the following


Failed to connect to data source 'Unknown error.' ('http://ctxddc.testdom.local/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v3').

Verify that the data source is available.

User: 'TESTDOM\Administrator'
Console operation: 'Retrieving machine failures details…'

Additional diagnostics information (error message):
'The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.'


The above is repeated multiple times for different console operations...


So I built a new VM, installed Director onto that, and same errors... That counts out the director server. Problem must be with Delivery Controller...

Checking the event logs on Delivery Controller... just getting one error after rebooting the delivery controller (no other relevant errors after that)...


Event 1015, Citrix App Library

Update of shared key failed with : System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Citrix.Fma.Sdk.ServiceCore.KeySharing.PeerKeyManager.QueryPeers()


I can't find anything on the internet that corresponds to that. anyone seen anything similar


I also built a single VM test server with everything running locally (SQL Express, Delivery Controller, Director, StoreFront) as a new 2003 Farm, and that doesn't exhibit this error, so either this is a one off my my build, an issue with SQL 20017 Mirrored databases, Server 2019, or a combination of multiple issues.




Ken Z





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Hi James


exactly the same error :-(


If this is a one-off caused by a faulty installation, i can live with that, as this is only a test system, but if this is something more, then i'd like to get to the bottom of it. If anyone else has built a similar environment (SQL 2017 Server with mirrored databases) using 2003, is Director working OK for you?




Ken Z


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The App Library eventlog error is a red herring.

This error occurs on the single VM/standalone test server with everything on it and that has a working director server. I even edited the Service.AutoDiscoveryAddress from the "broken" Director and pointed it to the standalone test VM and that started retrieving the data successfully.


I built a second Delivery controller and added it to the first one (with the non-working Director), so now i had 2 x delivery controllers talking to 2 x Mirrored SQL Servers. Everything appeared to work except Director. Pointing the Service.autoDiscoveryAddress to the new delivery controller produced the same errors.


Looks like the problem is either with 2003 and Mirrored databases or it doesn't like the version of SQL I used for the mirror (SQL 2017 Standard)


Will keep on investigating between other things




Ken Z

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Hi Ken


Could you find out something about this error? I updated a week ago from 1912 LTSR to 2003.


Everything was working fine and still works fine, except the director give's me the same errors. The director itself says look for CTX130320. Have done that, but with no results.


Our environment is still on server 2016, but fully patched.

SQL is also mirrored, but version 2016 on windows server 2016.


Something must be different. What i also noticed is, that the iOS workspace app 2004 doesn't work anymore with native otp. But that might be another problem for another thread.





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Hi Luc


looks like the common component here is SQL Mirroring with 2003...


Where is your Director installed? on the Delivery Controller(s) or a separate server?


I'm currently on another project at the moment, will will try and make time to look into this again sometime this week...




Ken Z

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On 4/27/2020 at 1:26 PM, Luca Ferraro said:

Maybe I find some time to test it without SQL Mirroring. 


We have a really small environment, max 10 users concurrent so I have de Director installed on one of the Delivery Controller.

I'll also try to look at it further and will post if I find something






I did some more testing yesterday. I created a new Monitoring DB yesterday within the Citrix Studio. Citrix Director started working right after.


My setup was Mirroring ON on the Site and Logging DB, but not on the Monitoring DB. As soon as I changed the connection string including the failover partner the Director is broken. When I switch back the connection string it starts working again. 


I then switched back to my original Monitoring DB and deleted the failover partner. Also my original DB started to work with Director. Same here, adding the failover partner, Director broken. removing failover partner. Director working.


Don't know if I should create a ticket for that. 

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