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NetScaler SSPR - SMTP authentication need to send the OTP message

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Hello everyone


I'm implementing NetScaler SelfService Password Reset. the issue is that customer's server is using a SMTP service that doesn't support authentication to relay emails. (this will be used to send the OTP token that will be required by the user during SSPR flow..)


During the process to configure a new EmailAction, NetScaler requires username and password to authenticate on SMTP. to complete the profile creation.


I tried to use any values in these fields, but SMTP replies that it is not supported. (observed using aaadebug)


I've tried to create the emailAction using CLI but "username" and "password" are required fields in CLI too. I can't find any parameter to create this same profile without inform username/password.


Example: add authentication emailAction EmailOTP -userName fakeuser@training.local -password 6312a2d9 -encrypted -encryptmethod ENCMTHD_3 -serverURL "smtp://smtpserver" -content "Your Token is: $code" -emailAddress "aaa.user.attribute(\"alternate_mail\")"


NS build 12.1-55.18.




Alessandro Marques

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