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STA down while using HTTPS on Netscaler

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I know that this is a know issue and I tried the fix i found - > https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/382797-sta-down-when-using-https/


I ran -- set ssl parameter -svctls1112disable enable -montls1112disable enable -- but that gave me an error.  I had to change it to -- set ssl parameter -svctls1112disable yes -montls1112disable yes -- and I got no error. Rebooted the Netscaler and when changing them from HTTP to HTTPS I ran into the same issue. 


Any direction on this would help 

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Even though there is no strict advantage of SSL over HTTP with the STA, it should get up of course. There is nothing like a known issue.


There is one thing, that might affect SSL: If you enabled in "Traffic Management -> SSL" on the right side under Settings "Strict CA checks", you need to install the root certificate for the certificate used on your Delivery Controller (DC).

How to check your deployment:


  • Set up a service, type SSL, pointing to the DC. Is it up? If not: Check your firewalls! something is blocking SYN packets to flow from ADC to DC
  • Attach a monitor, typ https. Is it up? If not, you have problems with SSL (certificate not trusted, outdated, ...). Do a network trace and have a look at error messages during server hello, or server side change cypher spec.

I guess, this will solve your problems!

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