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OAuth - whats working with Citrix ADC

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we have a adc 12.1 running in our dmz to do pre auth for several internal web applications. Our development department want to create a new web app tool who uses oauth as authentication process.


Our question is, is it possible to use citrix adc as a oauth authorization server which authenticates the user through ldap ? 


Have you any papers how oauth is working, to get better understanding ? Saml is known, but i havnt used oauth before.

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i configured my app (JIRA) to use netscaler as oauth idp. This worked. But i have some questions.

On the app i must configure a "scope". But in the oauth idp profile a cannot define a scope. I tested "openid" as scope. This worked. But why? What other scopes can netscaler use ?


Have i used oauth? or is it openid, now ?

To the backend, i configured a LDAP policy.


How can i define, which user can use which oauth app, if i configured some more apps ?

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