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Netscler backup via Script

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While you're configuring ADM, you can unZIP the attached into any directory, and execute:

NSBackup.cmd  <IP of your NetScaler>  <password> at a command prompt.

The script assumes you are using nsroot ... modify NSBackup.cmd if otherwise.

It creates a date/time-stamped backup of your entire /nsconfig hierarchy (including  your ns.conf files,  SSL certificates, and license files).


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Sam's idea would be 2nd on my list (after Carl's idea), as ADM does automatic backups on a configurable schedule.


But there is still a method to make this happen automatically. Just put a cron task into /etc/crontab. However, the crontab gets lost after every reboot, so you might follow the steps described in my blog (there is a subtitle "using crontab on NetScaler"). My blog also describes, how to schedule Citrix ADC commands from crontab, so you could fire a save ns config




Johannes Norz


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