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Infinite Black Screen XenDesktop 7.18

Simone Laubscher




we are currently having issues that our users get an infinite blackscreen after logging in into their Citrix Desktop Session.

Login in Remotely or via Console vCenter as Administrator onto those VDAs acts accordingly the same. We did not measure the time but after around 10-15min+ we stopped the test case.

As a sidenote: It also occurs that some of our VDAs do not automatically reboot over night as it is scheduled (using Restart Schedule for Delivery Groups in the Citrix Studio). It is unsure if this is in connection with the named problem.


We are using XenDesktop 7.18 with Windows Server 2016 Build 1607. Yet, we were unable to find any logical pattern assigned to the issue.

It seems to apply only on specific users and those who reported even had it several times.


As a solution till now a new user profile usually solved it but it is not guaranteed to stay resolved.

I did read through some UPM problems (e.g. https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX235100) but those should not affect our currently used version.


Our next step would be to disable the AppReadiness Service as there are several issue reports in combination that result into a blackscreen. Reference: https://www.allthingsvirtualized.com/how-to-fix-a-citrix-black-screen-on-logon/


Aside of this we start running out of ideas what could cause the issue. Anyone got an idea or a suggestion?


Thanks in advance.


Kind regards

Jan Meier

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There is a long list of different issues with Citrix Profile Management and Windows Server 2016. If you suspect CPM,you might want to look into the configuration of CPM as it need to be configured correctly to work properly on WS2016.

You might to take a look at Carl Stalhoods guide on how to configure CPM:



Additionally I would recommend upgradeding your VDA, as 7.18 is no longer supported. You should go to at least 1912 LTSR of preferably 2003.

Furthermore I would also recommend you to look at FSLogix Profile Container. A lot of different profile issues with WS2016 is solved simply by going to FSLogix.

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