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Moving Citrix Hypervisor boot disk

Johannes Norz


My Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 is running on 2 hard disks. Because of this, it's damn slow as disks can't deal with IO/sec needed.


I recently upgraded one disk to SSD, and it's pretty fast now. I want to do the same to the other disk, but this is my boot disk. There is no room for an additional disk, so I have to remove this disk and add a new one. Which procedure would be best?


The current boot disk currently does not hold any vDisks, just dom0 (control domain), so these 2 partitions, Citrix Hypervisor uses to boot.


I thought of doing a backup, removing this disk, putting the other disk in, and restoring this backup. Would this work?


Post scriptum: I forgot to mention: It's a stand alone server, nothing like a pool, just 32 GB RAM in an old Fujitsu Econel micro tower server. There are currently running 8 VMs on it.

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Do you have a NFS server available? If so I would setup a new SR and migrate your VM data to NFS. 

Then I would install XenServer again on the new SSD, make sure the original SSD is detected properly

and you can see the SR, then move the data back from NFS to the origianal SSD. It would take more

time, but I don't like installing/moving physical drives and hope nothing gets lost. If your data is 

migrated to NFS you know your data is still safe regardless of what you do to your XenServer hardware.

And of course I have to throw in a backup disclaimer, especially on a single server.





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16 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

Do you have a NFS server available?




Thanks, Alan. Unfortunately not.

But there is no more VM-data on the disk I want to remove, it is empty. Unfortunately, I don't have any external storage, just this internal ones. So it has to work without.


Of course I have backed up most of the data (file server, exchange, web server, Citrix ADC)


Would my approach be possible? remove the disk, add the SSD. Install on SSD and restore data from backup?

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This is probably a risky operation; you might be able to use dd and some fancy pipes to copy the partition to another one, but so many things are set internally that I doubt this would work given the complexity of how this is set up. You may be better off just taking some downtime, exporting all your VMs and noting various configuration parameters, and re-installing. If you have external devices, all you'd have to do is detach them so that you could do a re-install of the OS, and reattach them afterwards.



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Yep, shut down the VM's, back them up to your workstation that you are running XenCenter from, get the hardware how you want it and install XenServer fresh. Then import those VM's. I would also during the export check the option to verify them. Or spend $100 on a NAS box that can do NFS.





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