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Problems with SSO on receiver since we intergraded our Netscaler with Azure.

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Hi all, 


At the moment we're testing to get our Netscaler intergraded with Azure AD. We have confiured Citrix FAS and we made a Enterprise app in Azure. 

The login process works fine with SAML.


The only problem we're facing is when we are logged in and choose our desktop, the credentials of our user are not forwarded to that desktop. Sow we see the last logged in user (our citrix deployment administrator) who deployed our VDI's.


We inspected a ICA package from our testenvironment (on which we're using SAML) and we inspected a ICA package from our production environment (On which we're using LDAPS and Radius) and on de test-ICA-file we're missing a lot of information like the default domain, username etc.


Are there any suggestions?





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We fixed it by executing the following commands on the storefront server:


$StoreVirtualPath = "/Citrix/Store"

$store = Get-STFStoreService -VirtualPath


$auth = Get-STFAuthenticationService -StoreService $store Set-STFClaimsFactoryNames -AuthenticationService

$auth -ClaimsFactoryName "FASClaimsFactory" Set-STFStoreLaunchOptions -StoreService $store -VdaLogonDataProvider "FASLogonDataProvider"

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