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Prevent rewrite if member of AD group?

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After the recent Exchange ECP vulnerabilities it has been requested to prevent access to /ecp unless a user is a member of a specific AD group.  The internal mitigation for the vulnerability that is currently in place is a rewrite of requests containing /ecp to be redirected to /owa.

Would a modified rewrite policy like " AAA.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF("ExampleGroup").NOT && HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("/ecp")" be possible? I would like to avoid changing the traffic flow for standard users, and placing form-based auth in front of the admin console seems redundant as the admin would need to enter their credentials twice. (we are not using SSO)


Thanks for any input!

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I would use aaa authorization policies, example:


add authorization policy pol_auth_ecp "AAA.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF(\"SEC_CITRIX_ADC_ECP\").NOT" DENY


So if the user is not member of the SEC_CITRIX_ADC_ECP Group, after trying to access the /ecp directory -> "Access is denied"


Bind this authorization policy to your exchange ecp loadbalancer, example:


bind lb vserver LB_vServer-Exchange-ECP-2019-NA -policyName pol_auth_ecp -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type REQUEST




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