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User stealing user desktops

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When you say logging in remotely via the web ... are these external users?

If so, do you have 2-factor authentication enabled?

Are users credentials being compromised? The only way I know of sessions being "stolen" is if the bad actors log in with the same ID.

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Basically a user logs in via external access gateway and they launch there desktop. We do use Safe net along with AD authentication.  What happens is a user logs in and it seems to connect to another users session.  I don't think its user names been compromised we can see users making a connection but it authenticates as another user.

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Open up the authentication daemon to see how the user is authenticating:

Open up a PuTTy session to the NetScaler management IP (make sure you're on the primary - PuTTy will tell you if you're not).

Shell out to the kernel and star the daemon.

> shell

> cat /tmp/aaad.debug

Have the use log in, and you should be able to see who is being authenticated. 

Hit Ctrl-C to exit the daemon.

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