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Best Practices for setting up Audio and Video on CVAD 7.15 LTSR

Martin Rogers


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This is depend on the requirements. As you know every organisation has unique set of requirements. It is very difficult to advised.


There are few default templates you may try . I used few times with minor setting change and it does the job.







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assuming that your client devices have internet access (internally) and are relatively powerful, running Windows O/S, then I'd say yes for HTML5 redirection of youtube, with a proviso... HTML5 redirection works well in reducing CPU overhead inside the Citrix session if you're going to play the video straight through, but I've seen lots of issues with sessions losing keyboard input when users pause the video that's being offloaded, do something else, then come back to the video - e.g. school teachers setting up a video to a specific time frame, (for setting up a lesson), then doing something else, before going back to the video as the lesson starts)




Ken Z

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Hi Martin


Oops, sorry, had a small brain aneurysm,,,


HTML5 and BCR are two separate things and i got them mixed up...


HTML5 only works from controlled websites, and requires javascript, and only supports specific types of websites. Youtube and similar sites are not supported for HTML5 redirection.

Browser Content redirection was the technology i meant when talking about the issues with YouTube I experienced, and requires an additional plugin into Chrome to work seamlessly, 

Having said that, the issues I was experiencing was with v7.15 FR3, and have not fully tested with later versions, which might behave better.


Sorry for the confusion...




Ken Z

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