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Chrome Not using form based authentication and not redirecting credentials into desktops

Mohammad Ganji

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Storefront 3 on Citrix 7.11


The problem is using Firefox everything works cool. after typing a cname record which goes to storefront, the login page is displayed; users enter their credentials; then see their desktops and by just clicking on the those desktops delivery group are logged in.


But in Chrome there are two problems (I'm nearly sure these didn't exist in my previous implementation)

First, the login page is not displayed, instead a pop up user and password dialogue box is shown which is not cool.

Secondly, after entering credentials the form is displayed, user is logged in, clicks on his desktops but again, before entering into the desktop, the Microsoft Windows user password (like RDP to a server) is displayed and users have to enter their login credentials again which is annoying.


Any help will be appreciated, and of course I need it to be resolved by changing Storefront settings or any other server or group policy, not instructing users to change many browser and client side settings cause there are a lot of users everywhere inside and outside.



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