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Citrix app for MacOS - Receiver or Workspace

Douglas Falk


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Citrix renamed 'Receiver' to Workspace a year or more ago.  They are effectively same thing with bug fixes, new features, and etc.   In any case, compatibility is very MacOS specific as stated on the download page.  I can't say that an older version won't work on a version where Citrix doesn't list it as being compatible so it may be worth the effort to do some testing.   Where you might need an older version would be where you're connecting to an environment that has not kept up to date with later Supported version of the back end components.  In particular you will find that recent versions of Workspace have deprecated old Security Cipher suites that are no longer deemed safe.  On Windows, Citrix still has a Long Term Service Release of Receiver that tends to still support those older environments.  I can't find anything of that sort for MacOS though.

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