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Mike Hendriks

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My question is a seemingly simple one, but I'm having a hard time finding evidence in the documentation or through searches.


I simply want to know the difference between the LRTM and the LEASTRESPONSETIME load balancing methods.


If I'm interpreting the documentation properly, it appears that LRTM determines the response time of a service based on a monitor with the LRTM option enabled.  It appears that LEASTRESPONSETIME learned the response time of a service via the TTFB (Time To First Byte) of in-band HTTP 200 responses.


Can anyone confirm this?


Thank you in advance,



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LRTM is least response time by monitor, requires a monitor is bound with LRTM setting enabled and the probe is used to determin the service's response time and compared to other services so LEAST reasponse time by monitor is selected.  Affects HTTP and non-http traffic and can be used if multiple monitors bound.


Where as LeastREsponseTime lb method is based on actual requests sent to the service and then compared to determine least response time destination. So do you want to look at the leastresponse time per request (actual) or leastresponsetime by monitor probe.  LRTM by monitor can generate LRTM during monitor cycles when no active traffic is observed as well.  This one is mostly HTTP/SSL (web-based) only as well.  







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