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Resize HBA SR formatted GFS2

Emanuele Tonelli


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The rescan will go to one host, it will check the physical size of the LUN, if it's different to the current size it updates a database record for that host. Each other host in the cluster will, as part of its background housekeeping, check the database to verify that all hosts agree on the size of the LUN. If they don't (as will be the case after the first host has updated the database), then the host will itself check the physical size of the LUN and update its own record in the database. Once all database records match the final host will issue a resize command to the filesystem driver and the filesystem metadata will be updated with the new size.


You probably need a second SR scan to update the toolstack and console with the results of the above process.

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I think it's more likely that the SCSI rescan requested by the storage manager code didn't result in the devices reporting a larger LUN, but the reboot and reinitialisation of the driver did. This would possibly indicate a bug in the HBA driver for the card and why I asked for a bug to be raised so that it could be investigated. Too late now as the hosts have been rebooted.

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On 4/1/2020 at 3:19 AM, Mark Syms said:

It's a swan, there's a lot of frantic paddling under the surface to make sure all the hosts agree on how big the LUN is before issuing the resize command to the filesystem.

Any chance that frantic paddling can be exposed in the GUI?  Having a refresh option "complete" in less than a second but see no change to the size of the lun after a few hours is....frustrating.

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