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Reverse proxy only allowed URLs

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I made a reverse proxy for 2 internal website, but people can add their own websites. We would only allow the sites we add.

I found out that I have to make a responder policy, but would also like to use a Pattern Set to make it readable when we add more sites.


We are adding the following sites: Website1.domain.local and website2.domain.com


can somebody help me to get this working, I'm new to responder policies and pattern sets.





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add policy patset ps_allowedfqdns
bind policy patset ps_allowedfqdns website1.domain.local

bind policy patset ps_allowedfqdns website2.domain.lcom


add responder policy rs_pol_block_notallowed_byps "!HTTP.REQ.HEADER("host").set_text_mode(ignorecase).equals_any("ps_allowedfqdns") DROP


Expression might be eq_any() vs equals_any(), but any of the "any" operators take a pattern set or data set as a parameter:  startswith_any, contains_any, etc....


Depending on whether you are doing host filters or path filters, things can be setup differently. I chose a responder drop action, but you can use reset or redirect as well.


patternsets are index tables; if you don't specify an index they will autoindex.  stringmaps are hash tables with key-value pairs, which can be used for more advanced scenarios.



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