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XenServer accidentaly deleted snapshot, and maybe main VM file, how to restore files from snapshot?

Eimantas Linartas


Hello, so as my title says, we have accidentally removed some snapshot files and I think main VM file... Long story short - we have been short on memory, there was 0 bytes left in storage, so we decided to remove some snapshots from XenServer, but after removing some of snapshots no free space appeared, so next step was to connect to XenServer with SSH and remove oldest but not biggest files and reboot the system. After restart there was plenty of free space, but our VM could not start, it said that VM file is missing, so we mounted biggest file in storage pool with no luck. As going now deeper in how XenServer VM works, it looks like we had differential disk, and that one of the biggests files (<600GB) is just one of the disk snapshots. We have no backups, we had no luck restoring deleted files from disk, so question is if it`s possible somehow extract snapshot files with broken disk chain? Maybe any other ideas how to at least get some of the documents inside these .vhd files? Thank you for your help!

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If you deleted snapshots from XenCenter everything should have coalesced and be fine. But yea, if you start deleting vhd files command line 

you can run into this. Unfortunately deleted data is deleted data. There may be ways to recover that, but its beyond my ability. 




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11 hours ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

You could try to create a new VM out of one of the snapshots in the chain, detach that disk from the newly created VM and attach it to your original VM and seach for missing files and move them over, if you can find them on one of the older snapshots.



Yes I have already tried this, and as my post says, when VM asked for .vhd file I have mounted biggest snapshot ~600GB size, but with no luck. Or maybe I haven`t got your point?

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