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Data recovery after moving a disk

Polina Polina


Hi, I have an important question. I unfastened the disks from the vitro machine and decided to transfer them to another local storage. After this action, the machine stopped responding and rebooted. When xenserver started on 2 local storages there were virtual disks of this machine. I reattached them back, but some of the files from the machine disappeared, tell me, please, how can I recover lost data?

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files wouldn't disappear from a disk short of the VM doing a chkdsk/fsck and a repair of the filesystem removed files.

Since that would be a filesystem issue either file recovery software or restoring from backup would be the route to go.

XenServer won't randomly delete files on a disk.




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The way I could envision this happening is if there were already a storage corruption on the VM that made itself apparent during the migration process.

Having good backups is always highly recommended. Data corruption happens on many levels and being able to restore to a good backup is very important.



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