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Display issues - on random computers

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


we have found since alot of people are now working from home, so on there home computers, we are getting some display issues with one application in our citrix desktop.


the application is old, it has a old PDF type preview function, which in some cases doesn't display all the data on the screen, if you zoom in and zoom out on the PDF, the data will appear, in some cases you will need to preview it again and its completely fine.


the same problem happens when printing to PDF from the same application, sometimes data is missing, this only seems to be happening from users home computers.


i have tried


Updated display drivers

Different versions of receiver / workspace

setting High DPI settings

disabled all scaling within the sessions / computer.


not really sure what else i can look at, has anyone seen anything like this? 


maybe i dont understand how PDF(s) are displayed but it seems weird the local machine would have this effect.


all other applications seem fine.




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i have definitely checked the scaling across the screens, tried with it and with out it. make sure they are all scaled the same way.


when we first deployed this environment, we used Citrix Workspace, where this issue would almost show on all computers, once rolled back to Receiver LTSR it seem to fixed it for 95% of the computers, but there still a small amount where it seems to show up.


i just cant seem to figure out what exactly it is, its only with this one application too.

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